My iPhone shipped today YAY

@ sry I accidentally responded to you publicly and had to delete it really quick and your ask link on your blog isn’t working!!

Internet at home finally!! :D

Sitting ringside at an MMA tournament right now providing first aid to injured fighters!!

I had the best time at this nursing home today ahhh.   We returned this old demented lady from the ER (she fell and broke a rib) she thought my partner and I were husband and wife and she thought we were taking her house hunting; asking about what rent is and if shell get to look at it before she moved in.  When we got her back to her room she started yelling and getting angry about how this isn’t the one she wanted and she hardly even got to look at it and that somebody better take her to the bathroom.

Then when we were leaving some old guy in the hallway walked up holding his stomach saying “i’m all messed up” and tried to jump on our stretcher thinking we were there for him.